Thoughtfully Designed.
From A to Zzz.

The brief.

ZzzQuil offers an array of medicinal and all-natural supplements to help the world sleep better. As leading experts in sleep, they saw an opportunity to provide even more support via a mobile app offering customizable soundscapes, short stories, and guided meditations. They soon realized, however, that building an app isn’t that easy and can result in a lot of sleepless nights. So they turned to Pocket Made to provide full support and consulting across the entire lifecycle of the app. From concept, wireframing, front-end design and live operations, we helped the brand team rest easy as we brought ZzzQuil’s first mobile app to market.


User Acquisition

Category Positioning & Manifesto


UI & UX Design

Flagship Storefront


Visual Design

Web design and Production

The work.

A site as beautiful as the sleep it supports.

Fresh off of developing ZzzQuil’s first-ever mobile app, the brand team asked us to turn our attention to ZzzQuil.com. The site required a serious upgrade to improve the user experience and meet the demands of today’s mobile user. With four weeks to plan, design and deliver the new site, we didn’t get much sleep. Burning the midnight oil, we authored new site architecture, upgraded UI / UX, re-touched product imagery and developed a rich, soothing dark mode presentation to elevate the brand’s look and feel.

Better sleep for all.

As leading experts in all things sleep, the ZzzQuil team wanted to add a mobile app to their repository of restful solutions. From concept, to wireframing, to front-end design and live operations, we helped the team rest easy while we brought their app to market — and your bed stand.