The Galaxy Called.
We Delivered.

The brief.

A young Jedi in training.  An epic Star Wars adventure in development. A galactic product launch, fast approaching. “Author a global campaign platform Pocket Made must!” Author a global campaign platform Pocket Made did — from manifesto, to product messaging to campaign straplines and activation concepts — we set our phaser to stun.


Strategy & Positioning

Category Positioning & Manifesto


Messaging Matrix

Product Retail & Online Campaigns


Product Manifesto

Photography and Video Production, Brand Toolkits



Category Positioning & Manifesto


Campaign Articulations

Product Retail & Online Campaigns

The work.

Star Words

 In partnership with EA, Respawn, Disney & LucasFilm, Pocket Made crafted a strategic and creative platform to inspire EA’s advertising and marketing for the global launch of “Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order”. Our work hit the target. So well in fact, that we were asked to return to the Galaxy to rattle our creative sabers on “Star Wars Squadrons.” — Happy and humbled we were…

Jedi Training, Complete.

 With two successful launches under our belt, out collaboration with EA continues. We’d love to share but are under NDA and are sworn to secrecy and don’t want to be flash frozen in carbonite.


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