The brief.

Malibu Rum asked Pocket Made to produce a series of social campaigns and short videos to support their “101 Days of #BecauseSummer” platform. We thought the Lunar Eclipse would be the perfect excuse for a little ‘day-night-day drinking’.


Campaign Development

Structured MVC’s Digital Growth Business Unit


360º Design

Authored & Executed 5-yr Business plan.


Photography & Video

Strategy, Design, Resort Experience

The work.

Black Moon Party.

Dubbed ‘101 Days of #BecauseSummer’, Malibu Rum was looking to serve up to consumers a fresh piece of content every day for the entirety of summer. To support the platform they asked Pocket Made to create and produce a series of mini campaigns. On a budget weaker than a well drink, we produced a bevy of social posts and videos. Putting a Malibu spin on the food fetish phenomenon and encouraging pool play, every day.  Then, as self professed nerds, we knew about the lunar eclipse. Still over 10+ months away, and not on anyone’s radar, we thought it would be the perfect late summer event to pair with Malibu Rum. They loved the idea so much they asked us to blow the idea out. So we created an entirely new type of celebration specifically for the occasion. The Malibu Black Moon Party. Complete with custom Black Rum cocktail recipes and Malibu branded eclipse viewing glasses.